Teacher Feature | Cicely Carew

MMA’s First Teacher Feature – Cicely Carew. Carew is a working artist and printmaker who is currently pursuing her MFA at Lesley Art + Design (located just down the road from MMA).

When I first moved to Cambridge from Mexico City I wanted to get back to my studio art practice, specifically in monotype printmaking. I did a Google search and found a few places in the neighborhood MMA had m the best selection of classes. I made an appointment to visit and learn more about the center. I was so impressed with facilities and appreciated that it was a non-toxic studio. The whole place had a wonderfully professional and inviting energy. It has become home my studio. I’m feel so lucky to be here! 

As the (MMA) studio tech I maintain the studio cleanliness, organization and make sure all the equipment is operational. 


This (upcoming Materials Lab) will be my first time teaching since the early 2000‘s while in my undergrad at MassArt + Design. Last fall I led a workshop for at Northeastern University Crossing and recently assistant taught a weekend monotype workshop at MMA. I am so excited to have opportunities to teach and share my love of art with my community as a professional artist.  I will be teaching two more workshops at a Northeastern University on March 15 and April 18 for closing reception of my solo exhibition.”

Carew will be co-teaching, alongside one of our ceramic teachers (and ceramic tech) Zac Mickelson for our Materials Lab, during February vacation. The class is designed for 3rd-5th graders to ‘focus on art as a making process, explore the act that drives creativity and design… working with clay and a variety of other materials that challenge our understanding of making that might include wood, found objects, fabric, papier-mache, and more.’ The Material Lab is part of the February Vacation programming which relates to MMA’s Architecture curriculum, sponsored in part by the Boston Society of Architecture.

To see more of Carew’s artwork, please visit her website, by clicking here!

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