Teacher Feature | Mia Cross

Mark your calendars folks – Saturday, April 21st MMA will be hosting a Portrait Painting  Workshop instructed by Mia Cross. You might recognize her work if you’ve adventured over to the Rose Kennedy Greenway, Cross recently completed her “We the People II” mural there earlier this winter.


Cross graduated in 2014 with a double major in sculpture and painting from Boston University and has been in over 45 exhibitions since(!!) She is also a multi award winning artist, has received numerous grants and has participated in artist residencies across New England. She has a lot of knowledge and skill to share. Our team is so excited to share her talent with our MMA audience. The Saturday workshop will run from 10am-3pm. Artists will be working from a live model on canvas. Working in various painting techniques, palette knife, brushes and layering mixed paints.

Cross’s recent work has focused more on figures, ‘and depicting faces. Not only do I love the challenge of portraying a person—their character, their mood, and subtle idiosyncrasies—I also enjoy the possibilities that come with depicting flesh. With such a range of hues, could there be a more exciting place than the skin that encircles an eye? It is in these moments that I push and create color relationships—sometimes harmonious, sometimes dissonant—stitching them all together like a quilt.’ (miacross.com)


Registration for this workshop is live! Please click here for more details, and we’ll see you on April 21st in the MMA studio. And to see more of Cross’s work – check out her website here!

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