Teacher Feature | Kinga Borondy

How did you become involved at MMA? 
I started taking art classes at Maud Morgan in March 2011; with Erica Beade and Clare Walker Leslie. I signed up for a sketching class called Sketch the Agassiz neighborhood. I enjoyed the teachers, location and the facility and signed up for other interesting classes, including wood cut prints with Julia Talcott and a bookmaking class that evolved into Forever Creative.
What has been your favorite project or class you have done at MMA? 
I really enjoyed learning about printmaking and exploring the different ways to make prints; from wood cuts to mono-prints. I also love teaching my kids; I like thinking about different projects that would interest them and I think that my excitement about these projects is contagious.
How do you think art education helps our community? 
Art develops brains differently; affording a different view of the world; increasing awareness of spatial relationships, color and how their world is put together. Art allows children who may not shine academically ways to express themselves and succeed. And art helps youngsters appreciate the beauty in the ordinary and in their worlds.

Kinga Borondy, a Rutgers University graduate, spent more than a dozen years learning pottery in a New Jersey studio with potter Gert Cook. She has been working in clay for more than 20 years; exploring throwing and hand-building techniques. She enjoys every process in the craft of clay-work; from wedging to glazing. While she is currently creating new clay work in the studio, she is also exploring color, texture and perspective through water-soluble mediums and relief printing, working with local artists.

Kinga worked in New Jersey as a journalist for more than 20 years and currently is on staff in the Somerville school system.

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