Mount Pressed Plants Like a Botanist

Greetings Everyone! As the weather warms up it is the perfect time to follow-up to the project posted on April 7th; Making a Plant Press by MMA instructor, Andrew Goulet. Below are Andrew’s step-by-step plans for mounting the pressed plants you collected! So you went out and collected some plants, assembled your plant press, andContinue reading “Mount Pressed Plants Like a Botanist”

This one is for all the sculpture fans

Homemade. Air. Dry. Clay! I didn’t know this was possible until MMA’s Kindergarten Instructor Maddie Massicotte emailed us a recipe to share! Gamechanger! If your little ones – or yourself – have been missing the tactile feel of clay, and have been itching to make some 3D art work, give the below recipe a go!Continue reading “This one is for all the sculpture fans”

Selfie Enhancement

Good day, Everyone! Looking for a fun and creative way to do some artistic self reflection? For a modern take on a self portrait, try out this project by MMA Children’s Instructor, Kinga Borondy! For this project you’ll need: A printed photograph of someone‚Äôs face, either your own or a friends or relatives Colored papers:Continue reading “Selfie Enhancement”