Unfolding now: Mini Zines!

Check out this simple technique for making a mini-zine from a single sheet of paper, shared by MMA Printmaking instructor Chris Wallace! 1. Start by folding your paper into eighths and then unfold and flatten it back down. 2. Draw out your images/designs. Then you are going to cut along the two middle panels withContinue reading “Unfolding now: Mini Zines!”

Develop Your Sketchbook – Coming Soon, Monday March 30th!

Greetings MMA community members! Have you always dreamed of enrolling in Boriana Kantcheva‘s ‘Develop Your Sketchbook’ class? Well now here is your chance to jump on in. We’ll be posting prompts from one of Boriana’s classes on Monday (3/30)! You can use whatever art materials you have around your house, or you can try andContinue reading “Develop Your Sketchbook – Coming Soon, Monday March 30th!”