This one is for all the sculpture fans

Homemade. Air. Dry. Clay! I didn’t know this was possible until MMA’s Kindergarten Instructor Maddie Massicotte emailed us a recipe to share! Gamechanger! If your little ones – or yourself – have been missing the tactile feel of clay, and have been itching to make some 3D art work, give the below recipe a go!Continue reading “This one is for all the sculpture fans”

Selfie Enhancement

Good day, Everyone! Looking for a fun and creative way to do some artistic self reflection? For a modern take on a self portrait, try out this project by MMA Children’s Instructor, Kinga Borondy! For this project you’ll need: A printed photograph of someone‚Äôs face, either your own or a friends or relatives Colored papers:Continue reading “Selfie Enhancement”

Unfolding now: Mini Zines!

Check out this simple technique for making a mini-zine from a single sheet of paper, shared by MMA Printmaking instructor Chris Wallace! 1. Start by folding your paper into eighths and then unfold and flatten it back down. 2. Draw out your images/designs. Then you are going to cut along the two middle panels withContinue reading “Unfolding now: Mini Zines!”