Student Art & Music Showcase

Maud Morgan Arts has partnered with the New School of Music in a creative arts student showcase. We believe both NSM and MMA set the stage for creative expression. Tom Kelley the author of Creative Confidence put it best, as he said “At its core creative confidence is about believing in your ability to create change in the world around you.”


We hope all our students recognize their creative spirits and will continue to celebrate the arts within our organizations. Artwork presented were created by MMA students ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade (4.5-14 years old).

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 marked the first concert/art reception event. It was a great turn out, the concert room was filled with our musicians and artists!

The artwork will be displayed until April 12th, 2019; located on the first floor of the NSM building. Located at 25 Lowell Street, Cambridge MA 02138.

Click here to see what artwork is on display.

Upcoming Family Workshop at MMA

Instructors: Leslie Schomp, Mary Kenny, and Andrea Olmstead
All Ages
Saturday, January 26th

Animal/Human Hybrids
For centuries humans have imagined creatures that combine human and animal characteristics such as sphinxes, centaurs  and mermaids. These creatures have held positions from anywhere to gods to characters in modern popular culture.

This workshop will use paper collage as a process to prompt ideas about the invention of such characters.  The students can then use their collages as a guide or inspiration to sculpt a clay creature from their imagination.


Click here to register!

Come Play – Gallery 344

Introduce your young artists to local culture in Gallery 344! 
‘Come Play!’ Cardboard Arcade Games: By Lesley Students At Gallery 344
“Come Play!”—on view at Cambridge Arts’ Gallery 344, 344 Broadway, Cambridge, from Feb. 11 to April 30, 2019—offers a free arcade of cardboard games for visitors to play. A public reception will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. on Feb. 11 (snow date: Feb. 25).
The games were developed by undergraduate students at Lesley Art + Design in Cambridge during the fall of 2018 and spring 2019. They are part of a user experience challenge from the interactive design course. The games range from navigating a maze to a battleship battle to an intestellar raid.
The projects were inspired by “Caine’s Arcade,” Nirvan Mullick’s 2012 short video about 9-year-old Caine Monroy, who built a homemade arcade out of cardboard in his father’s auto parts shop in East Los Angeles. Monroy’s playful ingenuity exemplifies accessible design, rapid prototyping, and user testing. His arcade was a delightful example of an interactive installation inviting the public to play.
This exhibition was organized by Lesley Art + Design students and faculty Ryan McQuade, Design/Interactive Design BFA program, and the Office of Community Engagement, in partnership with Cambridge Arts.

HONK Fest 2018


MMA held a ‘Honk’ workshop for families over the long weekend. Families came together to create fun masks, or hats to wear as they paraded down Mass Ave to join the rest of the honk festivities! Take a peek at some of their creations below:

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What is Honk you Ask?

Throughout the country and across the globe, a new type of street band movement is emerging — outrageous and inclusive, brass and brash, percussive and persuasive — reclaiming public space with a sound that is in your face and out of this world. Called everything from “avant-oompah!” to a “brassroots revolution,” these bands draw inspiration from sources as diverse as Klezmer, Balkan and Romani music, Brazilian Samba, Afrobeat and Highlife, Punk, Funk, and Hip Hop, as well as the New Orleans second line tradition, and deliver it with all the passion and spirit of Mardi Gras and Carnival.

Acoustic and mobile, these bands play at street level, usually for free, with no stages to elevate them above the crowd and no sound systems or speaker columns to separate performers from participants. These bands don’t just play for the people; they play among the people and invite them to join the fun. They are active, activist, and deeply engaged in their communities, at times alongside unions and grassroots groups in outright political protest, or in some form of community-building activity, routinely performing and conducting workshops for educational and social service organizations of all kinds.

At full power, these bands create an irresistible spectacle of creative movement and sonic self-expression directed at making the world a better place. This is the movement we call HONK!” To read more about Honk Fest – please check our their website here!

Drawing Together: The Spirit Awards honors Raul the Third

Raul teaching Drawing Comics in the Chandler Gallery in 2010 while MMA was under construction

In his career thus far, Raul the Third has not only embodied the spirit of Maud Morgan the artist but also that of Maud Morgan Arts. His history here has touched almost all of our programs – from being the first instructor for MMA, to teaching in Agassiz Baldwin’s Afterschool and Outback summer program. As this year’s Spirit Awards honoree, Raul will be recognized not only for his many contributions to our community but to those all over Boston and beyond.

“It is such an honor to be awarded a Spirit Award, and I look forward to continuing to uphold the legacy of Maud and her commitment to introducing youth to the arts,” Gonzalez said.

Outside of his work in our programs, Raul has been exhibited in cities from New York to Los Angeles, has been honored by the Artadia Foundation for Arts and Culture and was voted 2010 Best Visual Artist by Boston Phoenix readers. His talents have even taken him to opportunities like contributing to Spongebob Squarepants comic books and designing posters for bands such as Mates of State and Shepherdess. Of all his accomplishments, though, Gonzalez still holds his work as a teacher near and dear.

RaulGallery2“I love when students feel at home in my classroom to create and speak freely about their passions,” he shared. “I have seen students’ confidence grow when they realize that they are not alone in their interests and that there are others out there just like them whose footsteps they can begin to follow.”

A panel from Lowriders Blast from the Past, Raul’s forthcoming book with Author Cathy Camper from Chronicle Books, available at the Spirit Awards. Make sure you stop by the Chandler Gallery for an exhibition detailing how this graphic novel was made.

Gonzalez’s values of giving young artists a space to safely grow and explore echoes the very mission of the Spirit Awards’, which is to help MMA increase its impact on the community through scholarships and expanded programming. Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to create a night that both recognizes artists who have made their mark while looking to the future at those artists who have yet to.

This year’s gala will take place Sunday September 23rd at MMA (20 Sacramento Street, Cambridge). Please join us for an evening of art, live music, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres. Tickets are available ahead of time for $40 or $50 at the door.