Inspiration – Go Make Something!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here are some remarks by former President Lyndon Johnson during the signing of the Arts and Humanities Bill in September 1965. We hope it inspires you to make something today, or this week!

In the long history of man, countless empires and nations have come and gone. Those which created no lasting works of art are reduced today to short footnotes in history’s catalog.

Art is a nation’s most precious heritage. For it is in our works of art that we reveal to ourselves, and to others, the inner vision which guides us as a Nation. And where there is no vision, the people perish.

We in America have not always been kind to the artists and the scholars who are the creators and the keepers of our vision. Somehow, the scientists always seem to get the penthouse, while the arts and the humanities get the basement.

Last year, for the first time in our history, we passed legislation to start changing that situation. We created the National Council on the Arts. The talented and the distinguished members of that Council have worked very hard. They have worked creatively. They have dreamed dreams and they have developed ideas…

… It is in the neighborhoods of each community that a nation’s art is born. In countless American towns there live thousands of obscure and unknown talents. What this bill really does is to bring active support to this great national asset, to make fresher the winds of art in this great land of ours.

The arts and the humanities belong to the people, for it is, after all, the people who create them.



Teacher Feature | Kinga Borondy

How did you become involved at MMA? 
I started taking art classes at Maud Morgan in March 2011; with Erica Beade and Clare Walker Leslie. I signed up for a sketching class called Sketch the Agassiz neighborhood. I enjoyed the teachers, location and the facility and signed up for other interesting classes, including wood cut prints with Julia Talcott and a bookmaking class that evolved into Forever Creative.
What has been your favorite project or class you have done at MMA? 
I really enjoyed learning about printmaking and exploring the different ways to make prints; from wood cuts to mono-prints. I also love teaching my kids; I like thinking about different projects that would interest them and I think that my excitement about these projects is contagious.
How do you think art education helps our community? 
Art develops brains differently; affording a different view of the world; increasing awareness of spatial relationships, color and how their world is put together. Art allows children who may not shine academically ways to express themselves and succeed. And art helps youngsters appreciate the beauty in the ordinary and in their worlds.

Kinga Borondy, a Rutgers University graduate, spent more than a dozen years learning pottery in a New Jersey studio with potter Gert Cook. She has been working in clay for more than 20 years; exploring throwing and hand-building techniques. She enjoys every process in the craft of clay-work; from wedging to glazing. While she is currently creating new clay work in the studio, she is also exploring color, texture and perspective through water-soluble mediums and relief printing, working with local artists.

Kinga worked in New Jersey as a journalist for more than 20 years and currently is on staff in the Somerville school system.

Gracie’s Ice Cream Day!

Gracie’s Ice Cream, located in the Union Square neighborhood, will generously be donating a percentage of their proceeds on Monday April 23rd to the Maud Morgan Arts Center! Grab a cone and enjoy supporting your local community!

Gracie’s Ice Cream is located at 22 Union Square in Somerville, MA 02143.
Monday April 23rd hours: 2:30PM–10PM

Gracie’s created small batch ice cream flavors right in their shop – Couldn’t get much cooler than that…  : )

“We make our ice cream right in our shop—about five feet away from where it’s served—in tiny, tiny batches. When possible, we make our own ingredients in house, but we also use a lot of cookies, candy, and potato chips. There are always 12 flavors at a time, one of which is non-dairy. We’re still experimenting with new flavors, sometimes we make three or four new flavors in a week. We’ll update this list regularly, so you know what we’re up to!”

Ice Cream!

Screen Shot from Gracie’s Instagram page – follow them!

If you can’t visit Gracie’s in person, don’t fret – they deliver! Check out their website for more details – or follow them along on instagram @IceCreamGracies


Freepoint Hotel

Over the past couple months our MMA team has been working closely with the staff of the Freepoint Hotel in coordinating their first ever art exhibition/partnership. Celebrate with both our teams at the Freepoint Hotel on Thursday, April 12th from 6-8pm for the opening reception.

Freepoint Hotel Launches Art@Freepoint Partnership Series with Local Arts Organizations Cambridge boutique hotel kicks off pop-up exhibit series with Maud Morgan Arts

 (Freepoint Hotel is pleased to announce the launch of its pop-up art exhibit series, Art@Freepoint beginning this April. Art@Freepoint will showcase the work of local artists in the hotel’s lobby, in partnership with local arts organizations in the region. Cambridge arts center, Maud Morgan Arts, is the hotel’s first partner. After an initial artist call, Maud Morgan Arts reviewed more than 150 submissions from artists and narrowed down the works to 43 pieces of various mediums including paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs. The Art@Freepoint x Maud Morgan Arts installation will be unveiled April 5 and runs through the end of June.


“Cambridge is a city that celebrates the arts and innovation, serving as an axis where creativity, technology and entrepreneurialism collide. As a hotel, we are proud of our permanent art collection that is expressed both inside and outside of our hotel. Art@Freepoint is an opportunity to further expand upon that collection with a deeper connection to the local arts community,” says Jeff Sellers, General Manager of Freepoint Hotel. “Maud Morgan Arts is the perfect first partner for us to help connect Freepoint with local artists, kicking off this visually inspired experience for our guests and locals alike.”

The exhibition will be up until the end of June – stop by (grab a cup of coffee) and admire the show! See peeks of the installation process below:

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Indigo Dye | Upcoming MMA Workshop

On May 15th, MMA staff member Angela Kimberk will be teaching a workshop about indigo dyes. We wanted to share the rich history of the color and process with our students.


“Historically, indigo was a natural dye extracted from the leaves of certain plants, and this process was important economically because blue dyes were once rare… Indigo is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. The oldest known fabric dyed indigo dating to 6,000 years ago was discovered in 2009 at Huaca Prieta, Peru.


Many nations have used indigo as a dye for centuries. The dye was also known to ancient civilization in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Britain, Peru, Iran and Africa. Indigo was also cultivated in India, which was also the earliest major center for its production and processing.’ Indigo was considered a luxury item.


“Indigo used to be a rare commodity. Only a few centuries back, this mysterious dyestuff was so exclusive that only royalty and the aristocracy could afford it. It was imported with great difficulty from far-off colonies, which earned indigo a status similar to that of tea, coffee, silk or even gold.”

Become part of the tradition on May 15th and explore the shape-resist techniques and amazing effects of indigo and fiber dye. Workshop participants will have cotton cloth and yarn provided, to stitch, fold, twist, wrap and clamp to form a barrier to the dye in an indigo vat.

Register for the workshop here!

Thanks Wikipedia for the facts about Indigo dye & Pinterest for the cool images!

Winter 2018 Session | Wrap Up

January 8th was the first day of our 2018 Winter session – we had excited artists, teachers, students and a VERY excited new Director at MMA.

My first three months at Maud Morgan have been an absolute dream. Everyday I leave feeling extremely lucky to be part of such wonderful community. I am constantly inspired by all artists, staff and students who have popped through those orange MMA doors.

Here are some of my favorite snapshots of Winter 2018.

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MMA will be closed as our staff turns over the studios (making them all nice and clean) for our Spring session, (which begins Friday, April 6th). There are still open spots in our classes, so please do not hesitate and join us again this Spring! Registration can be found on our website under, ‘Workshops & Programs.’

— Cory Shea, MMA Director

Spring Registration – Now Open!

Are you interested in taking a class here at Maud Morgan Arts? Well you are in luck! We posted our Spring 2018 Session classes online. See a sampling of what we have to offer this season below and register today!

Relief Printmaking – Instructor: Julia Talcott
Adult / Teen
5 Fridays, Bi-weekly, 9:30 am – 2:30 pm
Dates: 4/6, 4/27, 5/11, 5/25, 6/8

Interweave processes!
Experiment with layered images as they emerge from your carved block. Color, composition and texture will all be considered as you explore all the ways relief printmaking can challenge your process. Combine many blocks or work reductively from one; rotate blocks and utilize stencils to hide and reveal layers in your work.
Click here to register!


Contact Earth Instructor: Tiffany Playford

9 Tuesdays
April 10 – June 12, 2018
Excludes April 17th
For beginner to intermediate students.
Students will learn to throw and trim on the wheel and clay construction processes such as coils, slabs, and pinching. Whether you have previous experience or none, students can pursue individual directions with help from the instructor. Learn a variety of decorative and finishing techniques with resists and glazes
Click here to register!


Paper Marbling

Instructor: Angela Kimberk
9 Wednesdays, 11am-1pm
April 10 – May 8, 2018
Excludes April 18, 2018

Learn the art of paper marbling! In this introduction class you will learn to create unique marbled paper as well as techniques of ink manipulation and transferring your work to paper artworks.
Click here to register!

See the rest of our adult class schedule here!